Monday, January 19, 2009

This time of year is always tough. I have been focused and training for cyclocross and then almost as fast as the season started it is over. I seem to have a hard time every year getting back at it. The rides feel harder and the legs just don't want to spin the pedals as easily.

The season went really well and I felt like I was back to my old self this year. I won the North Carolina series, the State Championship, and a few bigger Masters races. I raced with the Elites at the NCGP UCI weekend and had a good time. I was really happy to be competitive with them and it made me think that maybe next year I will race with the Elite guys a bit more. The last several years I haven't due to the rules regarding being able to go to Masters Cross Worlds. They don't want Elite guys sandbagging the race so basically if you are ranked that year with any UCI points it prevents you from being able to race.

I asked for NORBA to give me back my Pro license and they did. Kind of a good thing bad thing deal. Really I am excited about the challenge and hope I can be competitive at the big mtn. bike races. I feel like I should have a good year at least once I can get the spark back and start pushing the pedals in anger once again. With the move from Texas to Asheville, NC. I rediscovered my passion for the mtn. bike. I spent more time in the dirt last year than the last 5 in Texas.

I made it to a few local races last year and at most of them was able to ride in the Pro open class, so I got to test the waters a bit against the fast guys. To my surprise I was able to do pretty well. I think the combination of the new terrain to ride on, and the switch to riding a single speed had allowed me to have fun but also get out for some quality rides that had me fit with out doing what I would consider "real" training. Not sure it is wise to mess with what worked last year so I plan on not doing anything much differently this year. Ride my bike because it is fun, go hard on the hills when I feel like it and race my mtn. bike when time and Family allows. Besides I have to keep fresh for when the "real" season starts, Cross will be here before you know it.


  1. First posting pictures on the web, now a blog. Man I am surprised at this new embracement of technology. Next you know you will put a speedometer on the bike

  2. The red letters make my eyes hurt!