Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This Saturday is the Southern Cross, kinda part cross race part dirt road race. From what I can gather from the flyer we are doing a fairly standard cross lap here.

Then we head out for a big loop on the forest service roads.

I am going to do it on my single speed cross bike and because of what looks like a fairly stout climb I switched out the 42 front ring for a 39. Not really much difference but if I didn't switch it out I would be second guessing myself the entire race. Either way it should be a good time and I am really looking forward to it.

I did a cross race a couple of weekends ago on the single speed and the muddy conditions had me grinding along in the 42X17 at about 40-50 rpms the entire race.
It has taken up till now to recover from it. The combination of the cold weather and the pushing and pulling on the pedals had my legs sore in places they hadn't been all year. It wasn't' until about two or three laps to go until I finally got in a groove and felt fast. I was able to open up a good gap on the rest of the field and was able to preserve my perfect record this year on the single speed, 5 races 5 wins.

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