Thursday, March 12, 2009

41 year old "neo pro"

When I lived in Ft. Worth, Tx. we had a Thurs. night single speed road bike group ride that the guys at Colonel's bicycles started. Everyone ran the same ratio, either a 42X17 or a 39X16. It made the ride super fun, kinda equalized the fitness differences between the group.

I got a Kona Paddywagon from them and I really looked forward to those rides. I ended up riding that bike quite a bit more than just on the Thurs. rides. I found that if I was heading out to ride by myself I just liked riding it more than my geared road bike. Little did I know it was just a start to my single speed fixation.

After moving to Asheville, NC I got a Kelly single speed mtn. bike. Just like the Paddy it wasn't long before the geared bike wasn't making it off the hook. Since the geared bike was a really nice Moots 29er I made the logical choice and sold the Moots and replaced it with a Moots single speed 69er.

I went to a few races last year and what I found was that by racing the single speed bike with the geared bike guys it kept me from getting to worked up and made me remember why it was that I was there in the first place, too have fun. It helped that I was also able to be competitive but mostly I just really had a good time.

So that brought me to ask NORBA to give me back my Pro license. A couple of years ago I asked for a downgrade as I figured what is a almost 40 year old guy doing with a Pro card? I didn't see me doing any races where I would need it and when I lived in Texas they had a Pro/Open class so it I could race the super fast guys anyways.

So now I am a 41 year old guy with a Pro license who plans on racing on a rigid forked single speed. Pretty big change from a couple of years ago. Sure I want to do well, at least not make a fool out of myself but I also know that no matter what I will also remember that I am there to put a smile on my face first and foremost. And I guess if I do stink it up I have plenty of excuse cards to play, I am old, I don't have gears, I don't have suspension, and I am sure I will come up with a few more as the year progresses.

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