Wednesday, February 4, 2009

At least I was riding outside?

As I headed out for my ride yesterday I had intentions of doing 3 hours and riding a couple of the dirt roads and hitting two of the nice long climbs. It was a bit cold at the start but as I spun along I began to warm up and by the time I hit some of the less travelled roads everything was going as planned. About 45 min. into the ride it started to snow a bit, pretty light and I was still enjoying the fact that I wasn't on the trainer.

With the snow came a bit more wind and that is when I started to notice then temp. was dropping. Everything was staying pretty warm with the exception of my hands.Every time my hands or feet start to get cold I think of one of my good friends EJ. He constantly complains about the cold and has the most impressive arsenal of gloves and footwear you have ever seen. More so when you consider he lives in Texas.

I started to think about cutting the ride short knowing that the dirt roads I planned to hit would be well shaded and even colder. By the time I had made my decision and turned around and started back to home my hands were frozen. I tried to shake them, kept my fingers clinched, anything to get them to warm up. I upped the pace in an attempt to generate more body heat and tried to think of something other than my hands.

Once I got home I headed up from the garage and promptly plopped down in the big chair in the living room. Ellie Paige, my 4 year old daughter made every attempt to warm me up. Got me a big fuzzy blanket as well as a big comfy pillow that she put behind my head. As the blood made it's way back to my fingers I was in agony, all I could manage was to just sit there and try to let it pass. Seems like as I have gotten older it has gotten worse, maybe my circulation isn't as good as it once was or maybe it is due to the fact that I have broken both my wrists but either way not a fun experience.

Today the tips of my fingers are still a bit numb and sensitive and I am thinking that maybe the trainer isn't so bad after all.


  1. fleece is your friend. I have a pair of rocking half finger fleece gloves that have a flip back cover that make them into mitten. at the very least a pair of $5 rag wool gloves fix many ills. Cold hands are no reason to suffer the trainer

  2. you could always move back to texas it is 70 degrees today

  3. I made the mistake of heading out with my med. weight gloves. It was warm here today as well, maybe 60 but Mellie was working so I didn't get a ride in. She is working tomorrow as well but I may have lined up a sitter for the two monkeys.